Common Social Security Myth Debunked.

There is a prevalent, stubborn misconception that the federal government awards social security benefits to “illegal aliens” who have never contributed to the system.  In the digital age of mass-emails and chain emails, this common myth is again making the rounds…

FACT: Contrary to what people think, undocumented workers are not (and have never been) eligible to claim social security benefits. Moreover, many undocumented workers use a false/fake social security numbers, therefore paying money into a benefit system that they will never be eligible to use.

FACT: According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), undocumented immigrants “account for a major portion” of the billions of dollars paid into the Social Security system under conditions that don’t match SSA records. As of October 2005, the reported earnings on which these payments are based—which are tracked through the SSA’s Earnings Suspense File (ESF)—totaled $520 billion.

More mythbusting facts on this issue can be found online at the Immigration Policy Center (IPC).

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