Obama Reaffirms Committment to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

On August 20, 2009, President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform (CIR), pledging that “we can get this done.”

The President and DHS Secretary Napolitano met with immigrant advocates to listen to concerns and discuss the next steps forward.

Secretary Napolitano strongly supported the need to bring all undocumented immigrants out of the shadows, streamline naturalization procedures, improve immigration processes that allow immigrants to live and work legally in the U.S., and create smart immigration enforcement mechanisms.

Both the President and Secretary Napolitano acknowledged the importance of immigration to our country as well as the need to create a sustainable legal immigration system for the 21st century.

One thought on “Obama Reaffirms Committment to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

  1. sweetie195

    Im glad to see that we finally have a president who has the courage to follow through with campaign promises and work hard at achieving what the country needs (despite all the opposition he is currently getting). People in general are very ignorant about the failing health and immigration system, which have left us in the situation we are in now. How can people think that leaving both these systems the way they are now is better than trying to change them? for those who oppose both of Obama’s goals (ie health and immigration reform), I not only work at a city run hospital but the great majority of my patients are undocumented. Therefore, tax payers are paying my salary to attend to these patients (99% of which have no insurance and either have government issued insurance: medicaid or medicare, or pay a small fee to be seen at the hospital, meaning that their visit is been funded by state funds that are paid to the hospital) and their tax dollars are also going to pay for the health care services these people need. Now wouldnt it be better if undocumented aliens became tax paying members of society? And definitely something needs to be done re the health care system. In such a rich and powerful country, you are better off having no work and being poor (therefore eligible for government insurance) than working hard and paying a good portion of your salary to a private insurance company. An insider tip: the doctors that work for insurance companies deciding whether or not you “really” need to have a certain procedure or test usually have very little knowledge regarding particular procedures. I recently had one of these “doctors” refuse a genetic test for cancer for a patient who was 17 years old when she had breast cancer AND had a family history of multiple members with breast cancer. When I asked him why he refused this testing for the patient, he had no idea what the test was for, or what information it would provide the patient. So, really if Obama wants to fix our healthcare system I say go right ahead. Maybe that way people will stop going to other countries for procedures and treatments that they just can not afford in this country.

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