Beware of Fraudulent “Winner” Notifications for Greencard Lottery!

Following the PR nightmare and fiasco of the State Department’s horrendous blunder, a second drawing was conducted on July 15 among the entrants who participated in the Fall 2010 Diversity Visa Lottery (“Greencard Lottery”).   While this dashed the dreams of many, for others this represents a second chance to maybe hit that coveted “immigration jackpot”…

In the wake of the July 15 do-over,  there has been a surge of fraudulent “winner notifications” which looks essentially like this:

Fake Lottery Win Noticiation

This notification appears to notify participants that they have in fact won the Greencard, and that processing must continue through the U.S. Embassy in London, after payment of about $800 to a certain individual through Western Union.

DO NOT act on this email.  DO NOT make any kind of payment.

In order to determine the status of one’s actual lottery entry, the U.S. State Department has provided an online check:

Please also see the USCIS’ online warning about this fraud:

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