Business Analysis
A majority of our engagements begin with some form of strengths and weaknesses analysis along with an evaluation of current market opportunities and threats. Understanding the current conditions of my client's firm is the foundation of a win-win relationship.

I'm ready to have someone objectively analyze my business and give me actionable items to improve

Strategic Planning
In order to grow your small business effectively, you're going to need a strategy to get there. Our consultants have broad industry experience including the development of strategy maps, balanced scorecards, loyalty programs, root cause analysis, operational efficiency initiatives, performance improvement programs, and much more.

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Strategic Planning Retreats
Many times it's impossible to completely focus on strategic planning within your four walls because of telephone calls, e-mails, pop-in interruptions, unexpected "fires" arising, etc. In order to eliminate as many distractions as possible, I recommend getting out of your "comfort zone" in order to really zoom in on what's important. It's also helpful to have someone organizing the events that will improve the odds of success therefore a retreat may be just what the doctor ordered.

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Business Planning
Before seeking funding from an investor, you'll likely need a solid business plan. Whether you're seeking an investment from a venture capitalist or a financial institution, I can help formulate a plan to get you rolling.

Some questions to ask yourself before venturing into new waters include:

• How much financial capital can you contribute to the endeavor?
• What unique expertise do you bring to the table?
• Why would someone buy from your business instead of a competitor?
• What territory are you considering and why?
• I need a business plan!

There are many more unanswered questions, but this is a good start prior to contacting a consultant.

Human Resource Consulting
It's no secret that one of the biggest challenges to any sized business, especially smaller ones, is finding and retaining top talent. Through our partnerships, I can help you devise a customized hiring process which will minimize the number of bad hires which means your organization will become more productive quicker.

Not everyone is a good fit for your organization, and it's difficult to gauge whether a person's personality will mesh with your existing personnel. I help take the guesswork out of the hiring process so you can focus on growing your organization effectively and profitably.

Human Resource Help - Outsourcing
Once I have helped devise a customized process for hiring the right people, it may benefit your organization to outsource non-core work to an outside firm.

I'll not only help you find the firm to outsource the work to, but we'll utilize our partnerships to make sure you're getting the best possible fit for your organization and it's management style. Contact me today to get started on the road to infusing your business with top talent.


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