I maintain a large network of highly-respected language professionals,
including certified translators, interpreters and proofreaders.
Certified and Notarized Translations
  • Personal Documents: diplomas, transcripts, birth certificates, marriage licenses

  • Business Documents: business plans, annual reports, marketing reports, advertisements, websites

  • Technical Translations: legal documents, scientific reports, financial analyses

  • Literary Manuscripts

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting Services
  • Business Meetings

  • Legal Proceedings: trials, depositions, arbitrations, hearings

  • Conferences and Seminars

  • Tours and Site Visits

  • Entertainment: live and in-studio interpreting for television and movie studios

Miscellaneous Services
  • HTML Conversions and Website Translations

  • Foreign Language Transcriptions

  • Voiceovers, Dubbing, and Sub-titles

  • Foreign Language Instruction

Accuracy: All work is translated by native speakers of the target language -- who also are professional translators -- and then is carefully reviewed and edited to ensure that the true meaning of your text has been expressed accurately. We provide a Certificate of Accuracy to confirm the accuracy of our translation, and guarantee its acceptance by any court or government agency in the world.
Value: Compare our prices to those of other language firms -- we provide the best combination of value and service.
Confidentiality: We are sensitive to the confidentiality and privacy of your documents. We guarantee confidentiality for all documents and other information provided to our firm and will execute confidentiality agreements to reaffirm our commitment to protect the integrity of your work.
Speed: We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Same-day or next-day service generally is available. But rest assured, we never compromise accuracy for speed.
Reliability: We stand behind its commitment to absolute accuracy and quality control. The breadth of our experience, spanning the areas of business, science, politics, education, and entertainment, ensures that your message's original intent and meaning is clearly understood by your global audience.


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